Thursday, February 21, 2019

More rain

I took my desktop to the computer store in Birmingham today. The rain had slacked up when I left, but the drive home was a slow one. 

When I got close to home, I decided to swing by the forks of the river to see how much the water has risen. 

This sign in normally at the edge of the parking lot. The wrought iron bench is where all the old guys set each evening and tell lies.

I've seen the river higher but if it does rain four more inches, this sign will be underwater and the bench will probably end up in Mobile which is almost 300 miles away.



  1. The old guys will have to tell lies in Mobile...that is a lot of river!

  2. Praying for those along the river. Keep safe. Keep dry.

  3. Yep, folks along the river learn to live with it. but that is a lot of water. We are headed north thru that stuff. It has been cold and rainy. we cancelled all our reservations down here and are headed north early due to a death in the family.
    Take care, and have your canoe ready!
    Sherry & jack on the road.

  4. Looks like some areas around here. In fact, I found a pond in my front yard that I never even knew I had. Im goin fishing.

  5. The weatherman said that it sowed in Arizona and Las Vegas. You are getting lots and lots of rain and we have mountain of snow. So much precipitation over Canada also and more to come. I'll enjoy today while the sun is shining and the sky is blue because we have more snow coming Sunday and Monday. You're lucky to live on a hill.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I hope the bad weather will clear soon.


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