Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Sunday we booked a room in Savannah for our 45 Anniversary in May. It's a beautiful B&B. Jilda has a knack for finding hidden jewels. It looks remarkable. It's less than 20 miles from Tybee Island. There's a lighthouse there.

Today was a work day for both of us. I had an early morning city council meeting. I called the high school principal to get information about an exchange student from Italy. I hope to interview her later this week and get the scoop on how she sees America. 

It's rained hard all day. When I walked outside this morning to feed the chickens, the wind aloft sounded like a train in the clouds.

Usually, when you hear thunder and see lightening here, it's warm enough to swim. Today it was in the low 40s with a cold wind out of the north. The weather felt spooky. 

We didn't get a chance to walk today, but I shot a picture yesterday of a limb that had fallen in the barnyard. I would describe it but that would be complicated. Instead, you can look at the picture.

If you live in the south, Y'all stay dry. If you live further north, Y'all stay warm.


  1. The snow moon in your previous post was beautiful! Good shot! Our 45th is this year too in August. Maybe I'll have to check out someplace fun too! I hope that rain isn't too bad...stay safe and dry! We're in for an ice/snow mess in the AM but warming up this weekend. Yep, it's February...shortest month, worst weather!

  2. I love this shot of the moss...once again, the brilliant green like a gem. Congrats on celebrating your anniversary this spring. Tomorrow...snow followed by freezing rain, sleet and then, just rain.

  3. With all that rain, I wouldn't be surprise if moss started to grow on you. It's a good thing that you keep moving all the time. lol... I took a shot of the moon last night but it's never as good as I would like it to be but is was so light outside because of the white snow. It was beautiful.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I know you guys will enjoy the B&B. Moss? Bright green moss always gets my attention in the woods when we walk there. It looks like your rain may be headed this way!
    Sherry & jack

  5. I have never stayed in a B&B and would love to visit Tybee island. Jilda did good. Hopefully the thunder doesn't mean snow on the way. It's still so wet over here. We had sleet all day yesterday but it never stuck to the ground.
    Just wet and cold. brrrr.

  6. Grand Sarah and Josh honeymooned at The Gastonian (B&B) and LOVED it.

  7. I have never stayed in a B&B either but have heard good things about them


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