Thursday, February 28, 2019

Roadside Prophet

I met my bees today. The old gentleman where they currently reside, called yesterday to say that the warm weather has them abuzz.

He suggested that I pick them up tomorrow but the weather forecast shows the temps dropping like a drunk. I suggested coming next Friday and he was OK with that.

He lives further in the sticks than Jilda and I do. I know that may be hard for you to believe, but it's true. His place is not far from the river. The roads there are kidney bruisers.

I passed a handmade sign on the way down to his place and I made a mental note to stop on the way home for a picture.

At one time the hand-painted signs were all over the county affixed to trees with nails. I call him the roadside prophet. These signs had short Bible verses or inspirational sayings.

A few years ago I tried to find out who the person was and do an interview about his mission. Apparently, he'd sworn everyone around him to silence because no one would tell me who was nailing the signs to trees.

Most of the signs are gone now. That's why I wanted to stop and snap a picture of this one.


  1. Everyone should have a secret mission of goodness. What a great story it would make but I get him wanting to be anonymous. I'll be looking forward to your bee project. It's another project Jack would love to do. I'll see how it goes with you and Jilda!

  2. That sign on a tree thing would upset folks in Jersey. I love our state, but we do have a bunch of people who look for stuff just to raise a fuss.

  3. I am anxious to see how the bees do. My nephew just got his hive. He loves it but has gotten stung a few times already. Best of luck to you guys.

  4. Good luck with the bees raising. I think it's a noble project. I'm looking forward to see you in your bee keeper outfit.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I cant wait to hear about the bees. Though Im afraid of bees, Ive oddly always wanted a honey bee hive. Maybe I could hire a bee keeper? Ha. That sign is sweet and I think you should try to find the mystery behind it.

  6. Nicer than even the old Burma Shave signs! His moniker reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence."

  7. Definitely a bit of Americana.


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