Monday, February 18, 2019

Snow moon

The rain moved out overnight. Even though it was still overcast this morning, the light was different and it didn't feel as cold.

I spent most of the morning in my home office writing a story about the American Legion outreach program. It's where members visit old soldiers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

After Jilda left for work this evening, I began transcribing an interview with a woman who will turn 94 in a few weeks. During the interview last week, she was delightful. This evening I had to get away from computers so I ran to the store to get gas for the generator. 

Our county is under a flood watch. Some are forecasting 10 inches of rain before Saturday. I live on a hill and far enough away from the river that there should be no danger of water getting up this high. In years past when there is a lot of rain, the root system of trees is compromised and a strong wind could bring them down. That's why I bought gas for the generator.

On the way home, I looked off to the east. Even though it was still cloudy, there were breaks in places. Through those breaks I saw the snow moon. 

I was a few miles away from the pond where I take pictures all the time. Getting a picture of the full moon with the pond in the foreground was a long shot, but drove there quickly.

When I stepped out of the truck, I looked off to the east and all I could see was clouds. I kept walking down the bank of the pond. About a hundred yard away from where I parked, I saw the clouds part. I had my real camera with me and I snapped a dozen or so pictures. 

I think it turned out good.


  1. You're right. The photo did turn out good. Although, as you say, the camera you have with you is the best camera, its hard to beat a real camera.
    Snow moon?

  2. The photo is so early spring look although we got snow last night. I am looking forward to your writings from the people who lived through the war years. I bet you would have loved to have interviewed my mom when she was alive and still of sound mind especially since she even met Hitler like I mentioned before.

  3. What a beautiful shot!! Amazing.

  4. Not good ... it's great!

  5. I actually took a shot at the moon last night too. It had the glow ring around it with an overcast of clouds. Just beautiful. Your photo is amazing.

  6. The picture came out 'Picture post card perfect' as I used to hear a lot. BUT every time I buy 3-4 gallons of gasoline for the mowers or generators, I sorta smile thinking, at one time I could fill a gas tank on the truck for that amount......
    Nice day here in Florida (I hope you donot get 10 inches!)
    Sherry & jack

  7. A great photo of the moon. It was so bright here this morning when my husband went to the barn, he said it was like day light with the reflection on the white snow. We have another snow storm on the way and you have rain. I hope all this rain doesn't wash some of the roads away. Flooding is always damaging.
    Stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. You had lots of newsy tidbits today. The picture of the snow moon is gorgeous.

  9. A really nice photo, not as hot here today


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