Wednesday, February 13, 2019

For what they're worth

I drove into the driveway this evening. Sitting there collecting my things to take into the house, I glanced through the windshield. Ol' Hook was watching for me through the laundry room window.  I'm guessing he'd been there waiting ever since I left a few hours earlier.

He was sitting on a storage trunk next to the window. When I stepped out of the truck, he was off the trunk in a flash. He dashed through the doggie door. Before I closed the door of my truck, he was standing at the backyard fence wagging his tail. He was thrilled to see me.

I stepped over to let him out into the front yard so that he would walk the few steps with me back into the house.

That's the thing about dogs. They are a bundle of pure joy with wagging tails.

Ol' Hook has a unique personality, but as I reflect on the dogs we've had through the years, they have all had unique personalities.

I think their sole purpose is to love. Unconditionally.

Caring for animals can be expensive, but I'm thankful it doesn't cost what they are really worth because no one could afford them.

Ol’ Hook on the writing porch last summer.


  1. And I am endlessly grateful for their love. And humbled by it.

  2. And some of them are truly grateful for someone to love.

  3. That's why they are called "Man's Best Friend" They love unconditionally. They have something to teach us.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. That is so sweet and it is so wonderful when they come to greet you regardless how they feel, they come with hope and happiness and are content with a gentle pat.

  5. You are right, each one is unique. But I have found our 'Janie', 'Ol' Hook's deaf cousin, is very special. She can wait for hours staring at the door for her 'daddy' my son Mark. She is getting about too old to climb the motor home steps, but if Mark is inside, she is up those steps.
    Happy Valentine's day to you and your bride.
    Sherry & jack

  6. PS: But as to what they are worth? No one could ever figure a total for that debt! ;-O

  7. I LOVE your last line, Rick. (Almost as much as I love Ol Hook's back story!)

  8. Love reading about Ol Hook. Hes been a good one.
    Dogs are wonderful but sadly I can not have one.


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