Friday, January 31, 2020

Eventful day

This day has been an eventful one. We'd ordered a replacement for our fridge earlier in the week and the scheduled delivery date was today between noon and 4 p.m. We also had an unscheduled event that knocked with wind out of both of us.

Our little dog Taz the wonder Yorkie has been scratching the last several days, so I thought I'd run her to the vet and get back before the delivery guys came.

The vet examined her and gave her a shot to treat the itching and since the winter has been so warm, the vet recommended that we start Taz on flea pills too.

I was at the counter settling up the bill when I remembered that Taz has had problems with her toenails. I mentioned that I thought one of them was bleeding a little because we'd seen spots on her bed.

The look on the vets' face changed. I carried Taz back to the examining room and the vet checked the toenails. That wasn't the issue. She then asked if Taz had ever been spayed. She was grown when we got her and didn't know one way or the other.

After a few checks, she said that Taz had a condition (I can't remember the name) and that her tiny reproductive system was full of infection. She recommended immediate surgery.

I dreaded the call to Jilda. She cried as I explained the situation. The vet said that with her age and other health concerns there were risks. She said that there was a very good chance that Taz would live much longer without intervention.

We gave the vet the go-ahead and I left her trembling in the assistants' hands.

Once home, we sat on the couch and waited for the call from the vets' office. A little over an hour later we got the call that Taz had come through the surgery fine. She was drunk from the anesthesia, but we could pick her up at 3 p.m. We were both elated.

The fridge arrived right at noon we made that transition.

Loading up after the delivery guys left, we headed to pick up Taz.

She hasn't been out of Jilda's arms.

A picture of Jilda and Taz from 2015


  1. Thank goodness Taz is better.

  2. I am so grateful that Taz got the full check-up and the surgery she needed.

  3. It is those little things noticed that....
    And that is one beautiful couple, Taz & Jilda!
    Sherry & jack!

  4. I’m so glad that Taz is going to be ok now.

  5. Wonderful news! Taz is sure adorable!

  6. Jilda looks very happy to be holding Tax in her arms. So glad she's ok.

  7. Sweet Jilda and Taz.


  8. That is always tough to go through. I called more than once when our Wallace had to have an operation an I bet they were sick of me. I’m glad she is in Jilda’s arms


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