Sunday, March 01, 2020


We're getting almost a dozen eggs a day now. Some are light brown, some are dark and some look as though they've been bleached.

There's nothing like fresh eggs but there's no way we can eat that many, so we share. We give them to family, friends, and others. Jilda's sister Nell has more chickens than we do. She has a fridge on her carport and every other week, she calls Jimmie Hale Mission which is a place that provides hot meals and a temporary bed for homeless men.

While we won't have enough for them to make a special trip from Birmingham to our house, we talked about taking excess eggs to Nell's house to add them to what she gives them.

The thing about fresh eggs, they are not like what you get at the supermarket. When you crack them open, they are much richer. The color is different. And yes, there might be a little poop on the shell. That happens. If it's bad, I wash the eggs, but if not I leave it. I think everyone should know where eggs come from.

There is something rewarding about being closer to the source of your food.

O.K., I'm rambling. It's time for hot tea and a pillow.


  1. I think I would wash all of them first. I am not a country boy. I've heard fresh eggs do not peel well when boiled. Is that true?

    1. They are harder to peel When boiled.

  2. Jack has a patient that gives us fresh eggs and I just love the different colors! They are richer and I love them for baking. I can't eat eggs but they would make much nicer omelets than the grocery store ones!

  3. They are sooooo much better than the supermarket variety.
    Enjoy your sleep.

  4. Rick. Hasn't anyone ever told you about keeping all your eggs in the one basket?

  5. I love fresh eggs over the ones in the grocery store. Yes, they are richer in flavor. The ones in the grocery store seem jellied and thick.

  6. Frssh egges do taste better. Nice to share with others. I'm sure they are appreciated.

  7. My mama raised chickens until I was in jr hi. She always declared the brown egg was the healthiest. A farmer in Missouri said I could tell the fresh from the cold storage eggs because the cold storage egg ran all over the pan when cracked the fresh egg held it's shape.
    Anyway I think that is a great idea to share with neighbors and kin and also a place of the homeless. That is love shared.


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