Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dodging storms

I came across a cache of old pictures I hadn't seen in years. I came across a picture of me that was taken on Easter Sunday.

I didn't dress up much, but Easter Sunday was a special day. After my mama snapped this picture of me, we loaded up and drove to my Aunt Nannie or Aunt Edra Mae's (they rotated from year to year) house to eat lunch and hunt eggs.

We've been hunkered down here for most of the afternoon. A line of storms moved through before dark and knocked off our power for a few minutes but then it came back on. Communities all around us had trees knocked down.

Even as I type, another line is approaching. We're hoping it's just rain. I'll do a follow-up tomorrow.

I hope it's been a good day for you all. Stay safe.


  1. There's that kid again. The one with the wry smile, the one who looks a lot like his Dad.
    Oh, I know. I've said all that before, but you can be sure that I'll say it again!
    You know how it goes. I'm an old person and old people, as I'm sure you know well, repeat themselves endlessly. Endlessly.
    Lay low when the storms pass through.

  2. Stay safe and well. I'm glad the power came back on.
    We are on river watch for possible flooding.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Yes, what a fine young lad! I know the Spring Storms are so scary to me, even as a child! But now I really know how much damage then can cause!
    Roxy... Hunker Down Buddy!

  4. You are a real cutie with that smile. My brother and I were reminiscing about our Easter’s when when we were young.

  5. What a darling photo … nostalgia rocks! Last night's storm coverage mentioned Dora several times; hope y'all weren't impacted?!

  6. Happy Easter ! So glad to see you are dodging the storms there. Good news your electricity came right back on. Take care and be safe !

  7. I was here earlier and realized I was on Chrome. For some reason I do not understand it says posting, but does not.
    So I did enjoy the visit and glad you didn't get hit hard by a storm. Now we are dodging them.
    I did say, I also noticed your hair was combed before you went to your Aunt's house. ;-)
    Hold your pretty lady close and stay safe.
    Sherry & jack


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