Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Take aways

Today was a workday here. I had a webinar on writing this morning and two interviews with high school seniors after lunch. All these assignments left me hopeful.

When I got home from the interviews this afternoon, Jilda was sitting on the back deck watching the world ease by in slow-mo.

The sun felt warm on my face, but the storms that moved out a few days ago left a cool breeze in its wake.

These last several weeks, the skies have been incredible. Today, while sitting out there on the steps with my pant legs rolled up to get the full benefit of the sun, I realized no planes were flying overhead. No cotton-row contrails, no high-altitude whisper, or any signs of aircraft overhead.

One thing I did notice was a white cloud as big as Ohio inching across the sky like a lonely drifter. It was a beautiful moment.

The one thing the current situation has done is that it has slowed life down. I have few places that I need to be. Even though gas is cheap, I haven't burned a tank of gas in weeks.

Neither the garden, the bees, or the sky seem to be fretting about all that's going on around us. Maybe there are things we can take away from this.


  1. There are certainly things we can take away from this. Many of the things I love (particularly nature) are completely unphased by the virus, and often better off for us slowing down.

  2. In that Ohio cloud we live in the "heart" of it! Love your view today. It brought a smile to my face!

  3. I love your attention to detail. It wasn't until yesterday that I noticed we had used 1/2 tank of gas since this thing hit. I do enjoy your 'good-real' comparisons i.e. a cloud the size of Ohio! NICE!
    Be nice to the lady who sees in slo-mo!
    Sherry & jack

  4. I'm with you we are seeing benefits from this stay at home. Many families are doing more together than ever before and having time to watch the clouds go by is a bonus for sure.

  5. That sure is a vibrant sky. I sorta like this stay in plan. I’m ready to sit down again at a restaurant or walk around the mall again, but I do not miss the crowds at all.

  6. Awesome shot, like the cloud


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