Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Dog tales and apple blossoms

It's been an old gray day today. The rain moved out in the early morning hours, but it didn't take the clouds with it.

Even though it's been cloudy, the air was heavy with humidity making it hard to breathe at times.

We tried to walk just after lunch, but the neighbor up the road has a new rescue chihuahua that doesn't respect boundaries. It came charging into the field behind our house acting aggressively. I wasn't worried because it weighed about 12 pounds. But, Ol' Hook is deaf and tips the scales about 95 pounds, took a dim view of the behavior.

It was all Jilda and I could do to prevent a disaster in the making. We finally got our dogs back in our fence and tried to shoo the little dog home, but he wasn't having any part of it.

I tried to call the neighbor but her number had changed. I went to her back fence and shouted for her but nada. Finally, I called someone in her family and told them to contact her about the situation. Hopefully, she will keep the little critter in her house and yard.

By late afternoon, you could see promises of sunlight which was enough for Jilda and me to take the dogs out for a stroll around the property.

The kids came over and we all walked for a while.

I think I mentioned a few days ago that the apple tree had finally bloomed, but I don't think I posted a pic. Below is one that I shot today.


  1. Why do little dogs always seem to have big attitude?

  2. Amazing how loud and thinking they are mean, something little can be. YES Uncaring owners can upset anther's day. We have that problem too often when a neighbors mixed BIG Bull come prowling. sometimes with his leash attached.
    Anyway, I love that apple blossom.
    Very good shot.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Love the blossom.
    Sigh at the small dog's owner's failure to teach it manners.

  4. No sympathy for the chihuahua from me. And the same for its owner, who needs to spend some time reading the Responsible Dog Owners Manual and then putting the guidelines into practise.

  5. Little dogs like that always seem so fierce. Hope the neighbor gets the message and keeps it at home. Your walks won't be so pleasant with that one around. Love the apple blossoms. Just beautiful !

  6. Little dogs usually have an attitude in my opinion

  7. 12 lbs vs.95 lbs? Not a good combo! My gr-daughters have a hybrid that weighs 65 lb. She is about 3 yrs old and easier to control. last year, when Lucy galloped at me, I turned my body sideways, with a hand to keep her head down. Your apple blossoms! Can almost catch the scent.

  8. People complain about pit bulls but people who deal with animals every day say they have been bitten more by these small dogs than the pit bulls. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are not nasty.


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