Saturday, April 18, 2020

I need a better veil

Jilda and I made a run to the coop today to get feed for the chickens. I donned my masks and headed in. There were only a few people there, so keeping a safe distance was easy.

Once home, Jilda and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. When we got to the beehives, I heard buzzing. I knew before I looked up that it was a swarm of bees.

Jilda herded the dogs back to the fence, and I headed to the honey house to get the equipment I needed to hopefully capture the swarm.

The bee suit and veil I use were once I bought from Amazon as part of a starter kit. As I became acquainted with more beekeepers, I realized there are much better bee suits on the market. I got a catalog from one of the providers that my other bee-buddies use, and I have the new suit in my wishlist, but we've tried to hold on to our money right now until the world situation changes...but I digress.

Today, when I went down to bump the swarm into my mop bucket, not all the bees fell in. I dumped the ones that did into the new hive I'd placed next to the others and went back to the Peachtree for the rest of the bees.

A gentle wind out of the north blew the front of my veil against my face, and a honeybee stung me on the tip of my nose. A second later, I sneezed.

I made three attempts to capture the swarm, but I won't know until tomorrow if I was successful. This much I know for sure, I will use some of my mad money to buy a better veil.


  1. A cut rate bee outfit? Like playing hot locks on a crap guitar.

  2. OUCH, on the nose? I am just amazed at how proficient you have become just in the time I took notice here on the BLOG. The videos I have seen demonstrating getting them in a bucket or basket the swarm is hanging on the end of a limb. That picture seems a whole lot tougher to bump that big a limb. Anyway, I hope yo did get 'em. But I don't blame you for wanting a more secure outfit.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I came back just to say I was worried about you and the veil thingee, but you cleared it up. ;-)

  4. I hope that you did get the swarm. I am sensitive to bee stings so my nose would have swelled to the point where it rivalled my head for size. I hope your reaction was much gentler.

  5. I hope you got all the bees and that they are all aok. I also hope you are now ok from the bee sting.

  6. I hope you're feeling better this morning! As part of your outfit, do you carry an EpiPen?

  7. I hope your bee sting is feeling better ~ right on the nose, ouch!! I think a new and better suit will be money well spent!

  8. Yes, a good veil would be a necessity in that line of work. It's a good thing you are not allergic to bees. Hope your efforts paid off and you now have a new hive.

  9. Bee sting is painfull, haven't had one in decades thankfully


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