Tuesday, April 07, 2020


I had to cover a city council meeting today. It was closed to the public, and all the people that attended were spaced at least six feet apart. I wore gloves and a mask. It looked as if I was going to knock off the council meeting and steal all their stationary.

As it turns out, there wasn't a quorum, so the mayor acted on several items that were urgent. When I left, I bathed with an alcohol hand sanitizer. I had to make one more stop, but it was for a picture. I stood more than 10 feet away from the subject while taking the shot.

I'd prefer to stay home, but as a journalist, I have a responsibility to write about the things going on around us.

Once I got home, I heard Jilda and the kids walking. I shucked off my clothes, washed again, and put on my walking shorts and joined them – again, keeping a safe distance. Over at the edge of the field, I saw some wild daisies blooming. I felt compelled to report on their appearance.

I will be glad when this situation passes, and we can return to what becomes the new normal.


  1. The daisies are like stars!

    When will morel mushrooms appear? Take photos, oh please.

  2. I’m Glad you are taking precautions. I just saw a photo of people in Washington DC out at some pier and it was so crowded like one would see at a special fair! I also saw many people going to church and saying they know Jesus will protect them. What in heaven’s name is wrong with these people? Actually last week, my hubby told me people went to church somewhere in northern Ontario or maybe Quebec saying the same thing...3 different churches and all of them got the Covid19 virus as a result. Stay safe and glad you could enjoy your walk with your family

  3. Be careful with the gloves, still don't touch your face.

    Stay safe. I think this thing will be around for a while. The country will open up in phases. This first phase is to keep the sickness down to the point that hospitals can keep up.

  4. Glad your taking precautions and keeping safe. We still go to the grocery store once a week early in the morning when it’s slow. My church is going to have a drive in style service for Easter. As far as me and Nick? We cant stay 6ft away from each other. No way.

  5. Your entry reinforces the idea we do not know what everyone is dealing with in this pandemic. But glad you could get out, then return to some sanity at home.

    Thanks for more insight.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Great post !

  7. Flowers are worth reporting on and following the progress of Spring in your neighborhood is a joy for me as we've nothing blooming here yet. Good you are keep safe there.

  8. Flowers make us happy reporting on council meetings dressed like a surgeon or robber maybe not


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