Thursday, April 09, 2020

Take if from the horses

Social distancing. I know it's a new concept, but it wasn't hard for me to grasp.
Keep a distance between each other or risk dying a horrible death.
I was born and night, but not last night. 

These horses understand social distancing so I can't understand why the concept is so difficult for people around here.


  1. Itis hard for some people here to understand as well - particularly if greed kicks in. Social distancing fails at the supermarket much more often than I like to see.
    Love the horses comfortable in their own space.

  2. We humans could learn so much from the animal kingdom.

  3. Where do conspiracy theories begin? I am so sick of hearing one after another. There seems to be no end to people who want to only see bleak. Hey, we even shy away from some one if they might have a cold. Now we hear people who get upset if they can't rub shoulders with someone who just might have a virus that KILLS! Weird.

  4. I have not noticed the lack of social distancing here in NM. Even on my long walks, people either move off the path or I do. The one place I've noticed is a little more lax is the grocery store, so we're placing our orders for pick up most of the time!

  5. we can learn a lot from nature.

  6. Beutiful picture!

  7. Horses know..beautiful looking. Now if only people would get it


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