Monday, April 27, 2020

More bee news and other stuff

I wrote three stories for the paper today. I'd done the interviews over the last several days, so today I tapped keys.

Mid-morning, I took a break and went to the bee yard to put the swarm I captured yesterday afternoon into their new home.

The chores went smoothly. I'm feeling more confident each time I open the boxes and look at their handiwork.

When Jilda and I walked down late afternoon, to see if they'd settled in, all seven hives were rocking and rolling. Bees flying out, and bees flying in with pollen. I plan to take my big camera down there with a telephoto lens to try and get some closeups. 

The apiary looks a little ragtag but that's because I've bought new equipment and mixed it in with equipment that I've inherited or bought second hand.

Now that I'm learning more about how things work, I plan to do a better job on the aesthetics. In fact, when we get our economic impact check, I plan to buy Jilda one of the better quality bee suits so that she can paint designs and art on our hives. 

This picture is one I took today when I dropped off six dozen eggs at the local produce stand. The owner gives us a credit for each dozen we deliver. Last month, we got our produce free. I love America.


  1. I was just thinking how pretty these would be with art work on them. Jilda will make them look good. Can’t wait to see her work.

  2. Shucks, trading eggs for produce is great. The aesthetics are personal I know and for others. The work ability is the main thing. But I am sure Jilda's addition will be something special.
    It looks good to me now.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Love that you got free produce from giving your eggs...wait til the honey comes...I am drooling as I love honey

  4. My ex-husband would have loved you. He preferred bartering to using money.

  5. I really look forward to seeing Zilda's artwork on the hives. What sort of paint will she use? I imagine the bees are sensitive to a lot of chemicals.

  6. I can see that you beekeeping project is growing by leaps and bounds. You are becoming self sufficient in providing food for you and Jilda. Next, you'll probably try permaculture.
    Looking forward to Jilda's art on the hives. Now, I'm going to listen to that guitar playing of you and Jilda.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. It would have to be a really good suit for me to be painting those bee boxes Hope Jilda is braver than me. It would look lovely though.


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