Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sleep soundtrack

It was cooler today than I thought it would be. The sun was shy. We walked, but I had to go back inside on the second lap for longer sleeves.

We did see some interesting grass growing. In years past, I kept the property clipt like a fairway. But one presenter at the bee school last fall said that bees enjoyed unkempt areas.  We decided to allow our property to go hippy'esk.

I did a Google search on the grass but was unable to find anything. I sent the picture to a friend who is knowledgable about all things grassy but haven't heard back from him.

This evening, I had a pickup appointment at Walmart. I'd ordered our things online. Once I arrived, they put our stuff in the back without me getting out of the vehicle. I'd ordered dinner from a local Mexican Restaurant that offers drive-through service.

Tonight, as I write this update, the rain has returned. It's supposed to rain all night. Fat raindrops on a metal roof make a great sleep soundtrack.


  1. Rain on the roof is a blissful symphony. Enjoy it to the max.

  2. Those blooms looks like Red Sorrel weeds Rumex Acelosella. I have a patch in the field behind our house near my garden. They are a pesky weed and the leaves taste sour.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Julia, you win the jackpot. When I Googled red sorrel, it returned pictures that were an exact match.
      Thank you.

    2. There's not much can beat falling asleep listening to the rain hitting g metal roof.

  3. Be careful, I thing there are some grasses that are not yet legal in Alabama. If your bees gravitate towards potato chips you may have an issue.

  4. Sleepy is h ow I have been all day


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