Saturday, April 11, 2020

Red Tip Photinia

I've lost count of the days. My blog, buddy Joy has been keeping a daily journal. Since I write here each day, it's kind of a journal, but there are things I don't write here.

Pulling my private journal from my desk, I started making notes today, and I will go back and fill in the days that I remember.

But today, we did an online order at the local store, and the clerk came outside and loaded it into our car. I'd never used this service until the past several weeks. It comes in handy.

Once home, we recorded a video of one of our original songs and posted it on YouTube. We wrote it with one of our songwriter buddies, and it seemed to be a good time to post it. You can hear it here.

After lunch, I decided to cut grass and do some overdue weed-eating chores. It felt good to be on the lawnmower. The smell of freshly mowed grass is something I learned to love early in life.

Cutting grass was something I could do to earn money while in high school. I cut enough grass to cover Kansas.

This evening, Jilda cooked corn, speckled butter beans, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. She prepared a baked ham to go with the meal. It was heaven'ish.

After this blog post, we plan to watch a movie that we watch every year at Easter. It's called Chocolate. It's a beautiful movie.

Oh yes, today's picture is a Red Tip Photinia that's down at the barn.

Y'all be safe.


  1. Your day sounds wonderful. Any meal with baked ham would be awesome. I'd say that Jilda is a good cook.

  2. Wonderful meal. Have a good Easter.

  3. Thank you for the photos, for the warm and comforting images your words put into my mind and for the song.
    Stay safe.

  4. Like the picture. I enjoy seeing you two sing. Have a great day. It has been a long time since I had speckled butter beans. Sounds delicious!
    Stay safe, try to be good.
    Sherry & jack

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful song this Easter morning ! Happy Easter to you both! Love and hugs from Ohio.

  6. That is one of my favorite movies and the perfect day to watch it. There was a follow up book written by that same author-a sequel to Chocolat.....I will go back and listen to the song. Happy Easter-Hugs-Diana

  7. Never seen the movie but I rarely watch movies

  8. You both sound great and I love the song. The dinner sounds delicious and I bet it was. Hope your Easter was good


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