Wednesday, April 01, 2020

More important things to share

I saw a thread on social media today bashing journalists. As a journalist, it bothered me. When I sat down a while ago to write, I wrote my thoughts on the situation.

After several paragraphs, I paused and began to backspace the words from my page. I decided there were more important things to share tonight.

While inspecting the blackberries bushes at the edge of the garden, the Tigertail Butterfly almost landed on my finger.


  1. Wise choice. Blackberries and butterflies are MUCH better for us than ignorant diatribes.

  2. Arguing over social media is an exercise in futility. Better to enjoy a butterfly.

  3. Love and appreciate your butterfly. We need more of those in our lives.

  4. Crack me up! Good job, do not stoop to their level, It is easier to find fault with everyone else! We worked out in the yard all afternoon, Lovely sunset!
    Butterflies are such a joy to see and watch how they fly around, without a care in the world. Roxy

  5. Shucks you probably don't believe half the conspiracy theories either!! LOL I CANNOT believe some of the stuff my girl shows me on FB. Very wise not to be sucked into someone's game.
    Yep a friendly butterfly means so much more, in spades!
    Sending the best thoughts your way'
    Sherry & jack.

  6. Definitely better news to share. We should all be trying to focus on the good and not the bad. We are what we think about.

  7. A wise choice. I hope cooler heads prevails.
    Stay well and safe.

  8. A lovely butterfly for a beautiful photo, but I know how you feel about the journalist-bashing. As a former newspaper reporter, it gets to me.


  9. Journalists are just reporting the facts
    Beautiful butterfly

  10. What a lovely butterfly and I wonder how long before you can pick the blackberries. I still have a container of frozen blackberries that we picked in early February (before we knew about c-v). Those were the days ...!

  11. A butterfly means joy in life so let’s enjoy the moments


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