Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bad Cloud - Continued

We survived last night thank goodness and hopefully there will be few if any close calls this spring. The title of the entry brought an amusing story that was told "as the truth" by my good friend Skip.
He said a number of years ago there was a guy that lived in Guin, Alabama and he was terribly afraid of storms. He had a wife and three adolescent kids and every time it came up "a bad cloud", he'd gather up his family and they'd all go to the storm-pit. Now those of you reading this who are not from the south might ask "what the heck is a storm-pit?" Basically it's a hole dug into the ground with about twenty tons of concrete poured on the roof. Enough concrete to withstand an F5 tornado which usually come around here each spring.
Anyhow, every time it came up a "bad cloud" he would gather up the family and they go to the storm-pit. To the rest of the family it was a pain and they always grumbled and complained. Ahhh Dad....but there was no arguing with him.
About twenty five years ago the weather man predicted rough weather and sure enough he gathered up the family..... over the protests, he guided them all to the storm-pit. A short time later they heard a frightful roar with crashing sounds. When they emerged some time later, he held his family close and surveyed the damage. He noted that there was not a roof left on a house in Guin. In fact, a lot of the houses were gone. The man looked at his family and back at the utter destruction and said "this is more like it."

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