Thursday, March 02, 2006


I listened to a self help program recently and the speaker had a great analogy on the things that are important in life. He was standing in front of a class trying to illustrate a point. He has in front of him a two gallon fishbowl and a bunch of big rocks. He calls a student up and says "life is a lot like this fishbowl." He then instructed the student to put the rocks in the fishbowl. The student diligently puts about fifteen fist sized rocks in the bowl and he turns to the class and asks "is the bowl full?" A few of the students say "yes, the bowl is full." He then reaches under the podium and pulls out a quart jar full off pea gravel and he pours that in the fishbowl. "Is the bowl full?" A few more students chime in this time saying "yes, it's now full." The professor then pulls out a container full of sand and begins to pour it into the fishbowl and the room is now buzzing.
"Is the bowl full?" Even more students call out yes, yes the bowl is full. Now everyone in the room is a full attention. He reaches under the podium and pulls out a gallon of water and pours it into the fishbowl as the class cheers and claps.
The speaker then ask the room: "what does this mean?" The room fell silent. It means that if I had not put the big stuff in....the important stuff into the bowl…..into my life first, then there would not have been room in my life when I filled it up with all the small unimportant stuff."
Life is too short to fill it with unimportant things. Call your mother today if you can…. hug your child, call a friend. Do something important before your life becomes filled with unimportant things.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    ur too smart!!!!! thanks for singing happy birthday too me!!! call me sometime and i will bring jordan to come play guitar!!!!

    love ya,


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