Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There is always something good in every place you visit. Even places like Tulsa or Plano, Texas have things working in their favor. Colorado Springs has been a surprise to me. I didn't do a great deal of research before I came and I guess I was expecting it to be greener with a lot of snow. Fact is, the grass is brown like in Northern California or Sedona and it was 55 degrees today. I was also expecting the city to be in the mountains. It actually is over a mile high, but I didn't see the first mountain out the window of the plane until we were about to land. Colorado Springs is actually at the eastern edge of the Rockies.
The air is thin here and my noise feels as dry as talcum powder. I've had a little bit of a headache and I couldn't seem to get my breath the first day or so, but you look out of any window and you see those mountains and you can't help but think...this is really beautiful.
Today the sky was powder blue and big white fluffy clouds drifted lazily over the peaks of the mountains and it looked like a photograph. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera with me.
After work today my buddy Brian and I walked across the street to a small restaurant called Marigolds. The waitress sat us next to a window facing west. As we sipped our California Merlot and ate fresh sourdough bread we watched the sun slip behind Pike's Peak on its quest to reach the other side of the world.
I decided to try the house special which was blackened salmon with roasted red bell peppers, baby green beans, raw spinach with carrots spikes and zucchini. The dish had a lemon zesty marmalade sauce. It was all I could do to keep from eating the plate along with the fork. It was very good.
While Colorado Springs is not home, it has some very nice features. The photo above was taken Sunday by our host in the Garden of the gods park In the picture is me, my friend Brian Mitchell and the instructor for the training class we're attending. Miles is from Australia.
More tomorrow.

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