Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thinking About Tomato's

Writing outside is different somehow. Maybe the wood, glass, insulation and wires inside the house somehow bend the thought waves or filter your thinking. A few nights ago I sat out on my deck and listened to an owl in the distance and to the wind blowing through the pines and the words flowed more freely.
We did some clearing this weekend getting ready for planting season. There were some scrub pines and hedge bushes that has sprouted up. I'm a tree hugger and rarely cut them down, but I take a dim view of any vegetation that adversely affect my homegrown tomatoes.
I have friends are work that give me a hard time about having a garden. They say those tomatoes cost you a fortune in time and supplies. I have to smile because they just don't get it. In fact, if you have never gone out to your garden in the evening and picked and eaten a vine ripened tomato still warm from the afternoon sun, you would not understand the attraction. I know you can get them cheaper at WallyWorld but there's no telling where they came from and no telling what was used to make them grow. I know mine are grown ogranically with a lot of love and respect for the land from which they grew.
I don't try to convince them otherwise, I just smile as the thoughts of tomato sandwichs dance through my head.
Here is my recipe for the best tomato sandwich on the planet:
Take one vine ripe tomato about the size of a softball
Slice it into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices
Take two pieces of wheat bread and pop them in the toaster
Get out the jar of Helman's mayonnaise and spread it liberally while the bread is still warm
Place the tomatoes one the bread and salt to taste.
Pour a glass of Lipton's sweet sun tea
Close your eyes and taste a little piece of heaven.
Repeat if necessary

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