Sunday, March 26, 2006

Colorado Springs

I don't know much about Colorado Springs except the weather this time of year is not unlike the weather in Alabama. The daytime temps are in the 50's with nights in the 20's. The wind blowing out of the west down the eastern wall of Pike's Peak on its way to the great plains is cool. Outside tonight you can hear the wind moaning like a grieving lover.
The elevation of the city is 6035 feet above sea level which is over a mile high so the air is thin and dry. On the leeward side of the slopes the combination of rust color rock and the snow produces coloring that resembles a Palomino horse.
I hope to get a taste of the local cuisine tomorrow night so that I can provide the goods on what's good here.
There's a place not far from here called Cripple Creek and I asked our guide if it was the same Cripple Creek made famous by the bluegrass song by that title. He didn't know but I hope to get to the bottom of this mystery too.

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