Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Good To Be Alive

Last night was a non event thank goodness. I could look to the west last night and see fierce lightning and I could hear the wind roaring in the clouds. The oak, pine and sweet gum trees around our house dipped and swirled like a giant ballerina but the wind remained aloft and we were spared this time. I am thankful.
Today was beautiful. The clouds were gone this morning when I awoke and the morning light had the birds and squirrels scampering trying to get a head start on the day and happy to be alive. The earth looked fresh and clean as I looked through the garden doors toward the south where our garden will soon be.
My wife got up in a great mood and we sipped our coffee and listened to "A Place Without Noise" which is a beautiful CD of piano music.
After a long while, I went in to check my email and to return some correspondence when the smell of bacon frying drifted into my office room. "How 'bout a nice Irish breakfast" she called. That sounded good to me. So we had fried eggs, grits, bacon and toast with real butter.
After breakfast we did some chores around the house, and I made some updates to I got a great story from one of our alumni which I posted. I sent a note to the newspaper to see if they would be interested. Lona Vines, one of our new friends who works at the Daily Mountain Eagle called to say she was interested in the story and would be collecting more information. I was tickled.
Later Jilda and I went down to Sumiton to run some errands and we had lunch at Yi Cuisine, our local Chinese Restaurant. I love that place. They have the best Hot and Sour soup on the planet.....well at least the best of all the worlds I have visited so far. My sister Mary Lois and my nieces Danielle and Tara came in and brought my great niece Zoe. Impromptu reunions are always a hoot.
Afterwards we picked up some things a WallyWorld and we saw several more people we knew so we shot the bull some more.
On the way home we stopped at Jolly Cholley's Produce. It's a small family owned produce stand that has the best produce in the county. The also have homemade peanut butter, jams, brown honey (with part of the hive inside), parched peanuts and chow chow.
The people are friendly......and again, we saw people we knew. The day was like what I imagine heaven to be like. A place with good food, good friends and warm sunshine.
Like the birds, I feel that it is good to be alive.

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