Thursday, March 23, 2006

Taylor the Blunder Dog

My dog Taylor has strange and wonder history. As a puppy, someone had thrown her out at a roadside dump. I pass dogs on the side of the road all the time, but something about her caught my eye. Early one morning as I headed to work I drove by this dump and she ran out to the edge of the road and looked me over good before turning and walking back to the pile of trash. I didn't think to much about it, but she was there when I came home that night...same story. She came to the edge of the road as if looking for someone and when she saw I was not that someone, she went back to her pile of trash. I was off the next day and didn't think anymore about her but the following day when I went to work she was still there and thin as a pencil. . I made up my mind that if she was there on the way home, I would pick her up. Apparently she kept waiting for her master that had left her there to guard the trash. He would come back to get her. ..he wouldn't leave me here to starve...she must have thought.
She remained faithful. When I came to the place on the third day she was still there. I don't think she had eaten or drank anything as she sat alone on her vigil. She was reluctant to get into my truck, but I finally coaxed her in and she's been with us ever since.
That was a few years ago and recently she developed a problem with her foot and it required surgery. When I went to pick her up yesterday she had what appeared to be an upside down lampshade on her head. It's to keep her from chewing on her stitches the vet explained. She looked like the RCA Victor Dog that had an unfortunate encounter with a megaphone.
She weighs 86 pounds so this "bonnet" is as big as a basket. Taylor never has been a graceful animal but now she's literally like a bull in a china cabinet.
I helped her into the house and the bonnet caught on the edge of the door, then on the couch then on the love seat. When she rounded the corner she raked Jilda's cup of coffee along with books, magazines and a candy dish right off into the floor. When she tried to turn around she knocked over two plants sitting by the window.
We quickly went through the house and "Taylor Proofed" everything. She is hilarious to watch. The other dogs avoid her like the plague. She's a mobile SETI listening post.
I know this is uncomfortable for her, but we get three additional satellite channels on the TV when she's in the room

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