Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad Cloud

Jilda called this afternoon and said bad weather was on the way. I had come to a stopping point so I headed home. As I drove down the mountain from Warrior towards Empire, the light had an eerie tint. It wasn't green, nor was it yellow but somewhere between. In one direction the sky was clear, but towards the west it was dark and foreboding. I could see bolts of lightening off to the northwest and birds and small animals were scurrying for cover.

I pulled to the side of the road when I had a clear view of the horizon and stepped outside my truck to get a better view. There was a slight breeze that was very warm one instant and cool in another. I could tell the air was really unstable. Off in the distance I could hear rolling thunder.
I was still several miles from home so I headed out post haste. When I got closer to home I could see a wall cloud and protruding down was a funnel cloud. When I got within a hundred yards of the house, I could tell that the storm was about a mile north across the Mulberry River at the edge of Walker and Cullman counties. I stopped again and shot the picture above.
We're not out of the woods yet because there are other storms to the west, but hopefully as the night gets cooler, the ferocity of the storms will diminish.
Say a prayer for those to the east that are in the path of the storm.

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