Saturday, March 18, 2006


This is my weekend to sit with my mother while my sister gets out for a while. I'm sitting on her back deck trying to come up with an idea. When all else fails, close your eyes and breathe.
I am amazed by all the things happening around me constantly to which I am oblivious. If your not careful, you can go through life on autopilot and miss a great deal.
After a while, I caught the aroma of bread baking. One of my sister's neighbors is apparently making homemade bread. I fought off an urge to go over and introduce myself and ask for a slice. I can picture them saying "O.K. weird guy, go away before I put the dogs on you and call the cops."
I can hear the sound of chirping birds and overhead I hear a jet traveling to the west towards the setting sun. I'll be traveling to Colorado Springs the week after next. I've never been to Colorado but people tell me it's nice. It's over a mile high and very close to Pike's Peak. I haven't been skiing in many years and I doubt my knees could take it now, but I plan to do some hiking and you can rest assured I will take pictures and share some on the Blog.

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