Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I awoke early this morning and looked out my hotel window towards the west. I could see the mountain in the distance with the snow covered peaks showing iridescence as the day dawned. The sky behind the mountain was ink blue with a few grey clouds hovering like ghosts waiting to be chased off by the first sign of daylight.
I wiped the sleep from my eyes and threw on my sweats and walking boots and drove off towards a nearby park looking for a place to shoot photographs of the mountains at sunrise.
I drove through a valley of sorts and before I reached the park entrance I spotted a road that turned up a hillside on the opposite side of the valley from the mountains. At the very top of the hill was a residential area for the lucky few who could afford such a spectacular view, but just before the crest was a small park perfectly situated to enable one to enjoy the view for free. I pulled in and sat on a stone bench made from the rocks found nearby. The air was brisk as it came down from the mountains but sitting there was really peaceful. You could smell the Colorado blue spruce and the Ponderosa pine. The people here don't seem to get up as early as we do down south. Most of them would never hear a rooster crow.
I looked toward the west as the sun came up over the eastern horizon behind my back and hit the snow capped mountains. I shot several pictures. As the sun continued its journey upward, it lit up the outcropping of the rocks in the Garden of the gods park and transformed them from a Dove Bar brown to a brilliant rust that was close to red. Again I shot several photos but it is very difficult to get a photograph that comes close to the beauty you experience first hand.
I forgot the cable that connects the camera to my laptop so I will have to post the photos when I return home.
I will be winding down my class tomorrow and I will leave Colorado early Friday morning.
It will be good to be back home

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