Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They Don't Make Drugs This Good

I'm on vacation this week and it's been low key. We didn't have a lot planned because Jilda had to work. We hope to get out of town tomorrow for a while to celebrate her birthday.
This evening I went to fuel up her car and to buy a few things at the Piggly Wiggly (Is that a great name for a grocery store or what) and on the way home I took the Arkadelphia Road west out of Warrior as the sun was setting.
I could see clouds but there was something about the angle of the light that caught a jet airplane draggin a vapor trail which made it look like a Comet in the evening sky. I know these planes are always there but you don't always see them until the light is just right.
The sun was putting on a show in the powder blue sky with clouds that were burnt orange, magenta, mauve, and dark purple the color of grape bubble gum I chewed as a child.
At the crest of the hill before the road plunges down toward Albritton Bridge, I passed a field of collards. Now some might ask what's special about that, but the quality of the light and the yellow blooms of the collards gave the field a luminous quality and the scene resembled an Ansel Adams photograph - except in color. I've traveled this way a zillion times but today the experience was like looking through an electric kaleidoscope.
I swear I'm not on drugs....they don't make drugs this good.

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