Friday, September 22, 2006


I was off today and we spent this morning working around the house. We cooled off after lunch and took a nap. When we awoke the sky outside looked a little odd. I stepped out into the yard and you could hear the roar of upper level winds and thunder off in the distance. The street light in our yard came on.
The weatherman says we are under a tornado watch. The temperature outside is almost 90 degrees and about forty miles north of us it is 67 degrees. As that cool weather drifts down toward us, the skies will get angry.
The county in which I live just recently installed new tornado sirens and I really hope we don't have to test them this evening.
Outside the rain has moved in and this is not a gentle rain but water bullets. As the main body of the storm approached, it sounded like applause in a concert hall.
Each time one of these episodes rumbles through, I swear that I'm going to build a storm pit just in case one of the storms comes this way.
For all my friends in north Alabama, keep your head down

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