Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

I had to work a while this morning and I ran by my old college alma mater Birmingham Southern. The place has changed a lot since I graduated. The campus is on the west side of Birmingham and it looks like it has doubled in size during the last ten years.
My friend Tom is one of the leaders of the Alabama Honduran Mission and they were meeting today to plan strategy and train new missionaries. I do the website for the mission so I ran by to shoot some pictures of the gathering.
It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was warm and the campus was alive. There were kids strolling to the library and kids headed for the soccer game that was in progress. I parked in the shade and watched for a while.
It's my Saturday to stay with my mom so I headed home and picked up Ol' Buddy. He gets his feelings hurt if he don't get to ride with me. He is so funny with my mom. She acts like she doesn't like animals. Buddy always walks up to her chair and watches her eat. I act like I'm not watching but I can see her give him some of her hamburger and few fries.
We watched the Tide play Florida but that game went south in the last half so I'm not talking about it. I will talk about the Dora Bulldogs who put a whuppin' on Walker last night 41 to 3. That's what's great about sports, if one of your teams loses, you can take comfort in knowing your other one won.
I checked Google Analytics today and I'm amazed at the location of people who visit this Blog. I saw hits from Africa, China, Australia, Europe, and all across America. What a small world we live in now. I think I'll check out the Blogs of my new Cyber Friends.
Have a great Saturday evening.


  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Don't forget that you sometimes get hits from Parrish! Not actually the city of Parrish - Lord help 'em! We live closer to Oakman and I usually say that is where I live. Can't help the fact that our mail and phone are listed as Parrish. I hope that where you live is never an embarrassment to you.

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