Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I take the stereo in my truck for granted. It plays not only regular CD's but also MP3's. You may say "so what" but MP3 files are much smaller than regular CD files. A normal CD has 10 to 15 songs. On rare occasions one might have as many as 20 or 21, but a common CD can hold way over a hundred songs....on one CD.
The problem was with Jilda's stereo....she has an older Volvo in which we usually travel. It had a cassette player...until today. She took my truck to have tires put on it at our local tire store today and I drove her car. I went over to Circuit City near where I work and had an Eclipse Stereo that plays CD's and MP3's installed. She had to work late tonight so she hasn't seen it yet. I can't wait to surprise her. This stereo is awesome. I turned it up loud to test it and my nose is still bleeding from the bass. Heck, she could play Hip Hop music in there if she likes but I think she'd rather pass a kidney stone.
Since I'm a songwriter, I don't pirate music, but when I buy CD's, I usually rip them to MP3's and then take my favorite songs and make homemade CD's. It's like a rolling jukebox. You can hit random play on the stereo and it will play your favorite songs for hours.
She loves music as much as I and I know she will faint when she hears this stereo.

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