Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kick the Can

I walked out on the deck to put the coffee grounds in our compost pile and the pre-dawn air was cool. Directly over head the half moon was shining down. I thought to myself, it won't be long before I will be saying brrrrrrr when I walk out in the morning. I wanted to go back inside and make hot chocolate with marshmallows instead of the usual coffee. Not sure what it is about the first good cool spell that makes me crave hot chocolate.
In October we usually have a weenie roast for the kids (our niece Samantha and her friends.) They're all grown now, but they still like to come over and burn some weenies and marshmallows and sit by the fire.
We used to have these weenie roasts when I was a kid too. We'd have every kid in the neighborhood out and after eating till we'd almost spew, we'd play night games. Kick the can was my favorite. It's a takeoff on hide and seek but you stack three pet milk cans on each other and that stack of cans serves as home base. The one that is "IT" guards the cans and tries to spot the hiders. The objective of the hiders is to get to the cans and kick them without the "IT" kid spotting them and running to touch the cans. When you get caught, you have to stand near the cans and hope that the "IT" kid gets caught off guard and someone gets to the cans and kicks them. If that happens, everyone if free to hide again. It's a scream.
I'd be interested in hearing what kind of games you readers played when you were kids.

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