Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Traffic Jam

I got off work later than usual this evening and when I walked outside, I could tell a big difference in the weather. It seemed about 15 degrees cooler. There was a light breeze from the northwest and the sky was clear of haze. Very nice I thought.
Usually when I get out a little later, traffic is lighter and I make good time, but today when I got to Homewood, there was a big ol' parking lot....all three northbound lanes.
Under these conditions you have a couple choices. You can sit there and stew or you can take a fresh look at the landscape that you blow by each day without notice. Breathing deeply also helps. In looking around at the people in other cars and trucks who were traffic jam mates with me, it seemed that everyone was taking it in stride. There was a lady that was obviously listening to a really funny radio show or perhaps a funny book on tape because she was laughing so hard she was pounding her steering wheel. Another young girl crept up beside me in a Mustang convertible and she was talking to someone on the phone. By the look on her face, I would guess that it was a boyfriend or maybe a husband. She had the look of love on her face. A guy in a BMW had his day planner on the opened up on his steering wheel and he was calling people on a speed dial, setting up appointments. Apparently he had set up a mobile command center right there on Interstate 65 northbound....no sense in wasting valuable time.
There was a guy on foot that was out pacing all the cars stuck there and I was not the only driver who found it amusing.
Maybe it was the change in the weather that kept tempers from flaring or maybe the topaz sky and grey mauve clouds that were drifting by at a faster clip. But something was different today and it was a welcome change.

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