Monday, September 04, 2006

Dorothy Nailed It - "There's No Place Like Home"

There's no place like home. I love getting out of town and it's good to see new places. But I always love getting back sleeping in my bed.
Sometimes on your journey, the most unexpected things happen. We were headed west to our destination and missed our turn. My co-pilot said turn around I hung a left and just off the road we saw a remarkable old church. It looked like a photograph so naturally I shot a photo.
The light in the picture was great for the full building, but I couldn't get a decent picture of the stained glass which was incredible.
That's what life will do for you. You're cruising along and miss your turn. You have two options. You can get frustrated which does absolutely no good or you can take a breath and consider it a gift.
That's what I try to do. I will say that I'm not always successful, but that is my intention.
The get-a-way was a lot of fun. We had a chance to have fun with Jilda's sister Pat and our niece Jayna. They both travel well and are up for most anything.
By this morning however, I'd had about as much fun as I could stand and I was ready to head back to Empire.
When we pulled into the yard, Samantha had brought Buddy back home and he was in the yard waiting for us. When I stepped out of the truck and squatted down, he leaped into my lap very happy to see me. Coming home is even better with a welcoming committee headed up by Ol' Buddy.

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