Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Wish I Had a Window

I work in a secure building in town and I'm deep in the bowels, nowhere close to a window. The lights used in these buildings compound the problem. There should be a law against fluorescent lights. I have to take breaks now and then to walk outside for a moment or at least somewhere near a window to regain my balance.
On occasion when a nearby conference room is not in use, I'll move my laptop in there and set up shop. It has a wall of windows all the way to the ceiling. It may be psychological, but I feel like I get more accomplished in there.
I know for a fact that I'm more creative at home because our house is the polar opposite of where I work. We have lots of windows and the play of the light on the floors and walls makes for a constant slideshow. I'm not sure who designed our office building but I think they should be spanked with a ping pong paddle.
Speaking of creativity, we are planning a get-a-way to the mountains soon to do some song writing. The last time we did that we wrote three really good songs. It's like you get in a groove and one idea sparks another and our energy seems to feed off each other. It's a fun experience and one that we don't do nearly enough.
On another music note (pun intended) I went into Barnes and Nobles last week looking for a book on Neural Linguisic Programming. While browsing through the books near the back of the store, I heard a beautiful song being played in the music department. Nice, I thought. Then the next song was excellent too. Before leaving I went over to the clerk and asked for the artist. I don't listen to pop music that much and didn't recognize the voice. The artist turned out to be Leigh Nash. I came home and downloaded the CD off of iTunes. This record blew me away. No record in recent memory comes close to the melodies this girl writes.
"My Idea of Heaven" is a song that I would be willing to bet will be a hit.
Dinner's on so I'm cutting this entry short. I am interested in any ideas on how to make a windowless cube bearable.

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