Monday, September 11, 2006

Earth to Rick, Earth to Rick - come in Rick

Several months back I was registering my blog with several of the blog directories. One of them was and interesting directory called "Blog in Space" by MindComet. I thought to myself, now that's an interesting name for a blog. Anyhow they sent me a note today saying that Life 101 would be featured on their directory on September 22nd. Something about being "The Most Likely to Be Contacted". How cool is that?
I love space anyhow. I've spent a lot of time stargazing. Back in 1977 Jilda and I went to the theater to see Star Wars and it blew me away. Never had I seen a movie that had it all. Adventure, romance, space aliens, and lots of action. I also like the fact that George Lucus did that film with very little budget and launched a world wide phenomenon.
I hope I am contacted when the space aliens arrive. I'll post a link to "Blog in Space" next week.

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