Monday, September 25, 2006

Frog Festival

I love small town festivals. I do the website for the Opp RattleSnake Rodeo and we've been the last two years and it is a hoot. Sumiton is having Frog Festival and Chili Cookoff on October 7th on Main Street. There will be Arts & Crafts, fun games for the kids and live music. There will be a lot of bands including The Overalls who will be playing. It was kind of shoo-in for us since Jilda is the one booking all the music.
It's too bad that I'm the spouse of one of the organizers because I know for sure I'd win the Chili Cookoff. I have placed in several local chili competitions. I would have won the contests outright except the judges were all soup eaters. Any time you have soup eaters for judges, the real chili always takes second place. "This is not like my Campbells Chili," the wusses say. I challenge you to find Jalapenpeno peppers, small chunks of prime cut sirloin steak, and imported chili beans. It makes my head sweat just thinking about it.
All and all, it should be a lot of fun. Come on out and enjoy a small town fall day.

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