Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hot Spot

I love technology. I was worried that the hotel might not have internet service that would enable me to update the blog today but it has a hotspot down by the hotel pool. So I'm sitting here writing to you enjoying the evening sun.
Kids are splashing and squealing like banshees. You can take a kid that's in a rotten mood and throw him in water and he'll turn into a happy child. I know I'm happier in water.
In the old days getting access to email and to the internet could be a pain. Now you pop open the old laptop and bam! Your connected. Is America great or what!
We called to check on Ol' Buddy a while ago and he was sitting on the couch in my brother-in-law's lap eating a Slim Jim. Apparently Life is good for Buddy too. We'll have a time getting him home tomorrow.
Y'all have a safe and fun Labor Day.

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