Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We were making great time home this evening. In fact, from the Panhandle of Florida up through the back roads of south Alabama and through Montgomery, we blew threw at the legal speed limit. It looked like we'd be home in time to take Ol' Buddy for a walk before we lost the light of the day. But when we hit the north side of Birmingham heading up I-65, I began to see tail lights from up ahead. "Looks like a wreck," Jilda said, but I was in the wrong lane to avoid problems by going east or south so I coasted to a stop and inched my way to the first exit which was about a mile away.
Seems an 18 wheeler had some kind of mishap in the construction area and everything headed north was at a stand still. It would have been easy to have gotten steamed but we chose to crank up the radio and listen to music and talk about ideas for new songs we want to write. After a long while, the right lane seemed to open a little and we made it to the exit and we dashed on home without incident.
I've gotten a lot better at the art of being present. You can't change the pass and the future is totally out of your control. The only thing left is now. You can choose to be miffed or you can consider your time with a loved one a gift. In this situation, I considered it a gift and came up with a hook for a song that is a winner.
I think this stuff comes with age. Today I am 57 years old. It's like what Eubie Blake said - "if I had know I was going to live this long I would have taken care of myself." When I look in the mirror, it looks like my head has worn out two bodies, but if you pay attention, you get smarter as you get older.
Anyhow, we're home now and tomorrow, we plan to sleep in.

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  1. Happy birthday, young fella! And many, many more.


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