Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cold Hard Wind

The chimes on our side porch have sang all day long. I took down the outside Christmas decorations and I had to put on gloves. The sun was out but it definitely felt like winter here today.
We also took the decorations off our live tree and I planted it on the south end of the house.
For some reason today reminded me of a day back in 1971 when I was in the Army. My friend Rick Flanders who lived in Watertown, New York invited me to go home with him over a long weekend and ski. I had never skied before but it sounded like fun. Almost every time we traveled when I was in the Army, we hitchhiked, but on this particular weekend, the day was a lot like today. the sky was almost blue and cloudless but the wind out of the north would cut you like a box blade.
So on this particular trip we splurged and took a bus. We camped out on the back seat of the Greyhound and sometime late in the night, I brought out the guitar and began to softly play some old folk songs. Before long, a crew of young folks had moved back to the back of the bus and we sang old songs until the sun came up.
My skiing adventure began precariously when I fell face first off the lift before my feet ever touched the snow. I was on the bunny slopes but I was slow getting the hang of skiing. I spent more time on my butt than on the skies.
But it was a fun weekend and a fun memory that has put a smile on my face many times.

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