Saturday, January 05, 2008

Old Tapes

Some old friends showed up at the gig last night. Don and Gaye Fewell were our close friends back in the trailer days. They had a trailer in her families yard in Dora and ours was by the park in Sumiton. We had lots in common including the love of music.
Jilda and I were in a short lived band with Don in the early 70's. We played a unique brand of southern rock and I really thought the sound was special but for one reason or another we couldn't keep it together and we all went our separate ways, but we did make a few tapes that survived.
During a break last night we began to reminisce about the old group and I told Don that I still have a cassette with a few of the songs. He was excited and asked me to burn him a copy.
I must have 10,000 cassette tapes in my closet so early this morning I started sorting through them. The last plastic bucket in which I looked contained the tape. A bonus of the search was that I came across an old tape interview I made with my grandmother, Willie Watson. Listening to those old tapes was a delightful way to spend a morning.
The songs from the band were rough, but you could hear really good pieces and I have no doubt that had we been able to work out our differences, we could have done something remarkable but that was not meant to be.
I dubbed the interview with my grandmother to MP3 and burned a copy for my sister and other family members. I know they will absolutely love hearing the voice that was woven into the fabric of our past.
The gig was fun. It's always fun to play but when you are surprised by old friends, it makes it even more rewarding.

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