Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The weatherman had downplayed the chance of snow around here. He said that the very top of Alabama and Georgia stood a fair chance of seeing the white stuff so we went about our day as if it were not an option. Then this afternoon when we ran down to the store to pick up a few things we started seeing some light sleet pecking at the windshield. As we shopped, you could see the snow coming down fairly hard. All the clerks at the front of the store could barely work for looking out at the white stuff.
Alabama does not get snow that often and when we do get it, even small amounts, everyone gets excited. When we got home it started snowing really hard and before long our deck was covered lightly and you could see the snow on the trees and in our field.
It snowed long enough for me to get a couple pictures to post. This was Ol' Buddy's first snow and he was not impressed as you can see by the photo.
It has stopped now and it's melting off the roof. I suspect that by tomorrow morning there will be no evidence that it was ever here, except for a few photographs.

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