Saturday, January 12, 2008


We had dinner with our buddy Fred tonight and afterwards we went over to Book a Million to browse. When we got to the section on music I wanted to tell the clerk - I'll take one of each of everything in this area.
Fred got out spending only about $30 dollars. The hit Jilda and I for about$60. We both love books and read a great deal. I think when I retire, I might get three part time jobs - one at Books a Million, one at BestBuy and the other at Home Depot. I think getting discounts at those places would be like getting a raise.
Jilda are headed out of town for a short trip to the beach. I have a birthday coming up on the 15th so we thought we'd celebrate there. I'm hoping they have Internet connectivity at the place we are staying or else I'll have to spend time looking for a connection.
Have a great weekend.

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