Saturday, January 19, 2008

Non Event

Well today the "snow event" never materialized and the weatherman has egg on his face. I had to run into Birmingham this morning and the towns just a few miles south of us got a good bit of snow.
I had to shoot photos of the Honduran Missionary meeting today that was held at Birmingham Southern College. On the way to the meeting, I could see the campus was buzzing and the kids were having a large time.
The Southern campus is situated among rolling hills, and the kids had cardboard boxes, sliding down every hill in sight. One car had a tiny snowman on the trunk.
This evening the gray clouds still looked snowy but the dogs had cabin fever so I decided to take them for a walk. They were SOOOOO excited. Astro jumped a deer and he was out of sight in five seconds flat. About thirty minutes into the walk, the clouds had moved off to the east and the sunset was incredible.
I hope the deer has sense enough to turn around because if not, Astro is probably in Georgia by now.

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