Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tornado Boy

I've had a good bit of fun lately at Jilda's expense. Terror Girl and so forth but if she was writing a blog, after tonight I would be known as Tornado Boy.
I had been watching the weather all day because it has been nasty in Mississippi and when things get nasty in Mississippi, it usually gets nasty in Alabama too. I wrapped up my work a little early so I hit the road thinking that I would get home before the bad weather hit. I further thought (erroneously) that most of the bad weather was going to sweep north of us so I took the southerly route home. As it turns out, I blew through Dora/Sumiton just as the Tornado Warning sirens were going off. I couldn't see the funnel so I trudged on. I got behind a tractor trailer hauling a load of lumber and I cursed my luck under my breath because he too turned north on the Empire road and I knew I would be behind him for the next eleven miles. As it turns out, being behind the truck was a blessing because about two miles up the road the wind began to blow. I knew it was going to get bad when I saw a limb the size of a baseball bat hurling through the air in front of my truck as if it had been thrown by and angry batter who had just struck out. Soon it was raining harder than I have ever seen it rain in my life. The 18 wheeler slowed to a crawl and I got up close behind him and we drove down the middle of the narrow two-lane road for a few miles. The wind was rocking both vehicles. Thank goodness the storm stayed aloft or I might have been posting this from Chattanooga.
Then almost as quickly as it started, the rain slowed to a patter and the darkness was behind us.
Jilda was calling on the cell phone ever three or four minutes to give me updates but once we drove out of the worst part, it was smooth sailing.
I would say I was afraid, but there are new finger indentions on my steering wheel and I'm sure my underwear will need to be washed with Clorox.

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