Friday, January 04, 2008

Gig Tonight

The Overalls have a gig tonight at Ciao's Cafe in Mountain Brook. I've never been there but our bandmate Steve has done solo gigs there a few times. He said it's a good room and they have good food. It is our intention to perform more this year. It keeps us sharp and the juices flowing.
I'd like to go to the Kerrville Folk Festival out in Texas one year. It is one of the premier folk festivals in the country. Each year they have an incredible lineup of bands and singer songwriters. The festival runs for almost three weeks and I'm guessing you could really get folk-ed up in three weeks.
It will be late tonight so this is it for the entry. If you are a potential bugler who plans to hit my house tonight while we are playing, you should probably know that we leave our dog Astro in and he's meaner than Satan with a toothache.

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