Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Howling Wind

The wind is howling outside. A line of storms is moving this way and our power went off for about ten seconds and then came back on. Of course all the computers power cycled and all my digital clocks will now have to be reset, but hopefully we won't be eating by candle light tonight.
I'm listening to a fascinating book right now about how the guitar made its way into America. The writer lost his guitar to a careless baggage handler. The writer's wife agreed to buy him a new guitar and the book is about his research into guitars and the story of his guitar that is being built by a luthier in the Vermont.
I thought I knew a great deal about guitars, but in listening to this book, I've learned just how little I really know.
The lights are flickering again so I'm going to save and post this before I get plunged into darkness.

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