Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It was cold this morning with wind out of the north. Flossy and Mossy (the chickens) stayed on the roost a little longer than usual, and were just coming down from the huckleberry bush as I was leaving.
They are interesting creatures. They spend their days walking around the yard scratching leaves and pine straw looking for treasure. A treasure to them is a long red wiggle worm or maybe a big fat grub. Now when we walk out the door they come running because we usually bring out a cup of bird seed or cracked corn and throw out for them. They are so excited to see us.
I fixed them a nest this past weekend because they will start laying eggs soon. Two hens can keep us supplied in eggs.
When I was a kid, I can never remember buying eggs....or chicken either, for that matter. We had a chicken pen with about twenty hens and a couple roosters and we had more eggs than we could eat. We sold eggs, gave some away and we left some under the hens to make more chickens.
We used the waste to fertilize our garden. You had to let it sit for a long time or the chicken manure would be too rich for the soil and burn the tomatoes and squash up.
If things work out to where I am unemployed in a few months, I might just go into the egg business. I'll print up some eggcelent business cards and pass them out to all my friends.

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