Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow's a Coming

I made the ill advised decision to stop at the grocery store on the way home this evening. The place was packed. I swung by the milk isle and all that was left way soy milk and a few blocks of cheese. The bread isle looked as if locusts had descended like in the Bible, and scarfed up all the bread.
Having foreseen this, I got our milk and bread yesterday but I did want to get a bottle of wine for dinner tonight. the wine shelfs were puny too. There was plenty of the low end variety with twist off caps, but the rest was slim pickin's.
I always wonder what people do with all that milk and bread when it doesn't snow. People that endured the "big snow storm" back in the early 1990 have this Great Depression mentality. Back then, the power was off for days and some people were forced to eat unheated cream of celery soup and sardines. I guess people are thinking - snow me in once, shame on mother nature, snow me in twice, shame on me.
Anyhow, I made it out tonight and headed on home. I did make one more stop at the video store. Again, the shelves were almost bare. People were renting armloads of videos in anticipation of being snowed in. But folks are going to feel a little silly with a stack of movies they can't watch when the power goes off.

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