Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apple Cloud

Today has almost been intoxicating. The rain on Wednesday washed most off the pollen away so the air was fresh.
The temps dropped down last night and this morning when I stepped out on the deck to get a first hand weather report, I realized it was much cooler than I thought.
After the sun rose, the day warmed up considerably. Since we're playing tonight at Berkeley Bob's Coffee Shop in Cullman, we took it easy for most of the day. I did go for a walk this afternoon to give the dogs a chance to run and I snapped this picture of our apple tree which has more blooms on it than I can ever remember.
I doctored the image a little with Photoshop and all of a sudden, I have an art photo which I call AppleCloud.
If you are out and about tonight, we'd love to see you at Berkeley Bob's.
As always if there are any potential burglars who read my blog, you probably should know that I'm leaving Astro and Bear inside and they haven't been fed.
Have a great weekend.

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